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News from Japan

The activity of the special call sign 8J3IPA now has been finished with 13.700 QSOs in the log.

From now on the regular club call JH3YKM will be on the air. IPARC JA will be glad to get you in the log.

Both QSL cards can be viewed in our clubstations "Clubstationen" section (please scroll down to the end of the gallery).

News from the UK

Dear colleagues.

Recently Horst, DL1GBP, received an e-mail from James, GM0GMN, who told him news from IPA and IPARC UK section:

While I have been a member of the UK IPARC for many years the club was not very active. In the summer time we heard the very sad news that Tom, G0NSY, had become a silent key. I received a telephone call from IPA asking if I would take over the running of the club and I agreed. We have made some changes and we have a Facebook page with the link below.

Please follow this link to IPARC UK on Facebook

We also have a callsign GM4IPA

We now have 80 members and a Sunday net at 1900 hrs on 3.770 Mhz and DMR TG 23597.

Please keep in touch and Merry Christmas.

Best regards,
James, GM0GMN

News from Japan

Dear colleagues.

Recently I received an e-mail from Masataka (Masa) JR3OEH who told me about exciting news from IPA and IPARC Japan section.

In preperation of the upcoming 60th anniversary in 2022 a lot of interesting things are going on.

Both websites and have been relaunched and got a new and refreshing design.

You do not read/understand Japanese? No problem. Both websites have an integrated translation module (google translate) that can translate the websites into over 100 languages

But wait, there is more: IPARC Japan now has its own club call JH3YKM.

There also will be a special call sign for the 60th anniversary. Stay tuned...

Servo Per Amikeco
Michael, DF9TZ

Worked IPARC S5 Members Diploma


QSOs are valid on November 1, 1995.

Every amateur frequency may be used, there are no restrictions on the band or type of emmission. Contest QSO is also accepted.

To win the diploma it is necessary to make 3 QSOs with members IPA RC Slovenia. Each member can work on different bands and modes.

The club stations are: S50IPA, S51IPA, S52IPA, S53IPA and S59 IPA.

Send the application to:

Milan Pivk - S58MU,
Vareja 48b,
SI- 2284 Videm pri Ptuju Slovenia

or by e-mail:

The diploma is free of charge and is issued exclusively in electronic form.