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Worked IPARC S5 Members Diploma


QSOs are valid on November 1, 1995.

Every amateur frequency may be used, there are no restrictions on the band or type of emmission. Contest QSO is also accepted.

To win the diploma it is necessary to make 3 QSOs with members IPA RC Slovenia. Each member can work on different bands and modes.

The club stations are: S50IPA, S51IPA, S52IPA, S53IPA and S59 IPA.

Send the application to:

Milan Pivk - S58MU,
Vareja 48b,
SI- 2284 Videm pri Ptuju Slovenia

or by e-mail:

The diploma is free of charge and is issued exclusively in electronic form.

Special call sign HB40POLICE

Dear colleagues.

IPARC Switzerland celebrates its 40th birthday in year 2021. Therefore, we asked for a special call sign.

Our responsible federal agency approved the use of the special call sign HB40POLICE.

IPARC Switzerland is proud to announce the use of the special call sign from 01.01.2021 to 31.12.2021.

It is planned to be active on all HF bands, VHF UHF and SHF and on several contest. Please also see the announcements on our QRZ page (

A QSO with HB40POLICE counts as a club call from IPARC Switzerland and is valid for the Matterhorn Award.

Please contact HB9GSO, Roland, for Skeds for HB40POLICE.

Servo Per Amikeco
Alex, HB9FND

Indicatif d'appel spécial HB40POLICE

Chers collègues.

L'IPARC Suisse fête son 40e anniversaire en 2021. C'est pourquoi nous avons demandé un indicatif d'appel spécial.

Notre agence fédérale responsable a approuvé l'utilisation de l'indicatif d'appel spécial


L'IPARC Suisse est fière d'annoncer l'utilisation de l'indicatif d'appel spécial du 01.01.2021 au 31.12.2021.

Il est prévu d'être actif sur toutes les bandes HF, VHF UHF et SHF et sur plusieurs concours. Veuillez également consulter les annonces sur notre page QRZ (

Un QSO avec HB40POLICE compte comme un appel de club de l'IPARC Suisse et est valable pour le Matterhorn Award.

Veuillez contacter le HB9GSO, pour les skeds pour le HB40POLICE.

Servo Per Amikeco
Alex, HB9FND