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We celebrate the 15 years since the establishment of our Association!

We will run each year a special callsign in order to celebrate YO3IPA (ex. next year we will operate with YO16IPA). We will reward the stations that work with us, as a follows:

- working with one YO3IPA special callsigns like the ones mentioned before (ex. YO11IPA) will bring you a special QSL

- working with two consecutive and different YO3IPA special callsigns like the ones mentioned before (ex. YO11IPA, YO12IPA etc.)will bring you a diploma

- working with three consecutive YO3IPA special callsigns like the ones mentioned before (ex. YO11IPA, YO12IPA, YO13IPA) will bring you a special aniversary medall/challenge coin

For further information on how to get these, please contact diploma manager, YO3AS!



IPA section Finland will celebrate its 60 years anniversary in 2019.

On behalf of the National Section Finland the Radio Amateur Club of Section Finland OH2IPA has applied the new special callsign OG60IPA.  The Radio Club will be on the frequencies during the whole year 2019.​ 

OG60IPA will have a totally new QSL card which will be available later. 

The Special call OG60IPA will give You 4 points = club station own country, 10  points = club station own continent and 20 points = club station dx country) if you are interested in achieving amending points for the special SHA Sherlock Holmes Award and Trophy.

pse QSL via OH4MDY

73´s de Jari / OH7JL


40 Years IPA-Radio-Club Germany

New design: HA-IPARC-Diplom
the conditions are the same
The list of degree felhasználató stations located in
Gabor: ha3jb.gab(at)

Travel Website for the Police
For Canada also see this Information

IPA France F6IPA


From: Henri FLO
Subject: New badge F6IPA RC .for collectionneur.

Bonjour cher ami IPA radio club.
Je vous présente le nouveau badge du radio club F6IPA FRANCE.
Belle réalisation en tissu avec scratch. Il est disponible pour les collectionneur .
président délégation 93 Paris. Merci de faire passer l'information.
73s au plaisir de s'entendre sur la qrg
  le samedi matin 3620+- a partir de 8 h30.
Henri F6FLO.

lieber Freund IPA Funker Club. Ich präsentiere Ihnen das neue Abzeichen des
Funkerclubs F6IPA FRANCE
. Schöne Realisierung aus Stoff mit Kratzer. Er ist für
den Kollektor verfügbar. Kontakt Lead
Delegation 93 Paris. Vielen Dank für die Pass-Informationen. 73s mit dem
Vergnügen der Bedeutung auf der qrg
Samstag Morgen die 3620 + - von 8 h30.
Henri F6FLO